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A spatial index of all map products created by this department (updated weekly)

This spatial polygon dataset displays the footprint location for each map product created by this department. This index provides access to download map products as a PDF. Each record in the index dataset contains details for the map including; - link to download the map as a PDF - map name, map description, coverage location area and date created - link to the project metadata record

All map products can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF via NR Maps.

See Layers: Map Products \ All Map Products. - Tick the layer to display the map footprint area in the map screen. - Right mouse click to make the layer active. - Select a feature on the map screen in your area of interest or; - Use the search panel to enter details and filter the records. - Review map details in the data panel (below the map screen) to download a map product (PDF).

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Last Updated 08 May 2020
Published 10 December 2019