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NT mosaic image slope percent reclassified to 2 classes

This image dataset describes 2 classes of slope as a percentage across the Northern Territory. Slope measures the inclination of the land surface from the horizontal. Per cent slope represents this inclination as the ratio of change in height to distance. Each grid in the raster dataset is 1 second x 1 second (equivalent to 30m x 30m). - Class 2: Greater than 2 percent slope. This class is displayed on NR Maps in a red opaque colour. - Class 1: Less than or equal to 2 percent slope. This class is not displayed on NR Maps but is equivalent to the absence areas of class 2. The dataset was reclassified from the original dataset, Slope Derived from 1 second SRTM DEM-S version 1.0 and sourced via Commonwealth of Australia (CSIRO). A smoothed digital elevation model (DEM-S) is based on the bare-earth DEM that has been adaptively smoothed to reduce random noise typically associated with the SRTM data in low relief areas. The DEM-S data was derived from the 1 second Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) data acquired by NASA in February 2000 and publicly released under Creative Commons licensing from November 2011. Read Supplementary Information: How to view this data in NR Maps.

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Last Updated 10 December 2019
Published 10 December 2019