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Soil and Land Suitability Assessment for Irrigated Agriculture in the Gunn Point Area 2017

This spatial dataset provides polygon information delineating land unit boundaries at a scale of 1: 25 000 and describes the dominant landform, soils and vegetation of the Gunn Point area, Northern Territory. The study area covers 75 km2 and is located approximately 40 km north of the Palmerston township via Gunn Point Road over NT Portions 2626 and 4476 and Portion 2727 within the Hundreds of Bagot and Paton. The primary purpose of the investigation was to map, describe and evaluate soil landscapes to inform future irrigation development in an area with identified potential for groundwater extraction. Core landform, soil and vegetation attributes attached to the land units are included with the spatial dataset. CAUTION: Map unit boundaries were derived using satellite imagery in association with a digital elevation model, geological and topographic data. Landform, soil and vegetation field assessments conform to national standards and support mapping at a scale of 1:25 000. When assessing specific areas within the mapping it is recommended a site inspection is undertaken to establish unmapped variation and confirm mapping accuracy on the ground. The mapping does not indicate, imply or ascertain the likelihood of groundwater availability or the granting of appropriate water extraction licensing needed to satisfy the irrigation requirements of the potential agricultural development options needed.

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Last Updated 17 July 2020
Published 10 December 2019