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  • Darwin Harbour Habitat Mapping Program

    Geoscience Australia (GA), the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources within the Northern Territory Government...
    • ESRI GRID, ESRI GDB, ESRI Shape file
  • Benthic Communities and Bathymetry of the Gunn Point Peninsula, 2020

    This polygon spatial dataset describes the benthic habitats likely to occur in marine environments around Gunn Point Peninsula and informs the desktop assessment of the marine...
    • ESRI GDB, ESRI Shape file
  • Mangrove Community Mapping: Charles Point to Gunn Point, 2016

    This polygon spatial dataset provides new information on mangrove communities in Darwin Harbour, Shoal Bay and Charles Point. The survey area covers approximately 32,000...
    • ESRI GDB, ESRI Shape file
  • Fauna Atlas subset - Fish

    Point records of fauna observational data within the Northern Territory for Fish. Includes date, time and location of sighting. This is a subset of the Northern Territory Fauna...
    • ESRI GDB