Benthic Communities and Bathymetry of the Gunn Point Peninsula, 2020

This polygon spatial dataset describes the benthic habitats likely to occur in marine environments around Gunn Point Peninsula and informs the desktop assessment of the marine biodiversity values for the region. The benthic habitats are inferred from existing information but in most cases require further data collection to validate and refine. Habitat modelling forms the basis of benthic community value assessment for Shoal Bay (Galaiduk et al. 2019).

This raster dataset describes the bathymetry for waters surrounding the Gunn Point peninsula. To assist with identifying spatial distribution of flora and fauna living on the seafloor (epibenthos) depth data layers from several point data datasets were collated, interpolated and resampled to a 10m cell size. The depth reference of the raster is mean sea level (MSL, about +4.2m LAT or 0m AHD). These data should not be used for Navigation purposes. The methodology used to derive bathymetric map does not comply with IHO standards and therefore cannot be used for navigational purposes.

The accompanying report Marine and Coastal Biodiversity Assessment of the Gunn Point Area (2020) forms part of the Mapping the Future Project - Gunn Point. This project has identified land capability, water availability and biodiversity values to support land planning and inform development potential over the Gunn Point area. Reports and maps can be viewed from the webpage:

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Last Updated 23 June 2021
Published 17 July 2020