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  • Benthic Communities and Bathymetry of the Gunn Point Peninsula, 2020

    This polygon spatial dataset describes the benthic habitats likely to occur in marine environments around Gunn Point Peninsula and informs the desktop assessment of the marine...
    • ESRI GDB, ESRI Shape file
  • Mangrove Survey Darwin Harbour 1996

    This polygon spatial dataset describes the mangrove communities for Darwin Harbour and its environs. The original field survey was undertaken in 1995 at a mapping scale of...
    • ESRI GDB, ESRI Shape file
  • A spatial index of all map products created by this department

    This spatial polygon dataset displays the footprint location for each map product created by this department. This index provides access to download map products as a PDF. The...
    • ESRI Shape file
  • Darwin Region Storm Surge mapping

    The modelled inundation extent shows the total storm surge (technical terminology is storm tide) hazard risk due to tropical cyclones in terms of the ocean water level...
    • ESRI Shape file
  • Acid Sulfate Soils of the Darwin Region

    This dataset describes the presence and depth of actual acid sulfate and potential acid sulfate in soils of the estuarine and floodplain environments of Darwin Harbour, Bynoe...
    • ESRI Shape file