Northern Territory Geological Map (Interp) 2500K

The current Geological Map of the NT was revised in 2006 and replaces the 2004 version. The revised map incorporates significant changes in the Arunta and Tanami Regions and eastern Pine Creek Orogen. A feature of the map is the division of the Proterozoic into ten regionally identifiable and generally unconformity-bounded packages (P1-P10). These divisions have been made to best reflect important packages in Northern Territory geology, and do not correspond to the chrono-stratigraphic subdivisions recommended by the Subcommission on Precambrian Stratigraphy, except for P10 which relates to the Neoproterozoic. A convenient chronometric scale has been used to define the boundaries of these packages. The Phanerozoic is subdivided according to the conventional geological time scale. The map is based on compilation of data from existing 1:250 000 geological maps, along with interpretation of regional geophysical data.

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Last Updated 05 November 2021
Published 13 November 2018