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  • NT mosaic image slope percent reclassified to 2 classes

    This image dataset describes 2 classes of slope as a percentage across the Northern Territory. Slope measures the inclination of the land surface from the horizontal. Per cent...
    • ESRI Shape file
  • Bushfire NT Administration Boundaries

    The Bushfires NT Administrative Boundaries define the spatial extents of areas as determined by the Minister as statutory instruments under the Bushfires Management Act 2016,...
    • ESRI Shape file
  • Northern Territory bore locations, water quality and groundwater levels

    Bores - This data represents the location and key attributes of all drill holes within Northern Territory. Drill holes contained within the dataset may be currently active or...
    • ESRI Shape file
  • NT Fauna Atlas

    This is a comprehensive database of all known vertebrate fauna records, including mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs and fish, as well threatened invertebrates, for the Northern...
    • ESRI GDB
  • Bushfire Risk for Remote Communities in the Northern Territory

    This spatial point dataset provides information describing bushfire risk to remote communities in the Northern Territory. The bushfire risk rating for each community is...
    • esri shape file
  • NT Flora Atlas

    The database of all flora records that are managed by the Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security. Records are derived from the NT Vegetation Site Database and...
    • ESRI GDB