Bushfires NT Burn Permits

Bushfires NT (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) is responsible for administrating the Bushfires Management Act 2016. Section 46 of the Act states that a person may apply to a fire control officer or fire warden for a permit to light a fire in the open air on land within a Fire Management Zone or within a fire danger area during a fire danger period. An approved permit to burn is issued to an individual for a particular parcel(s) of land during a specified time frame.

This spatial dataset displays those areas that have been issued with an approved permit to burn. The areas are displayed as a polygon on the web application NR Maps http://nrmaps.nt.gov.au/nrmaps.html Only those areas within the scheduled time frame are displayed.

The dataset displayed on NR Maps does not include: - locations where Prescribed Burns are conducted - permits to burn within Emergency Response Areas (ERA's). Permits to burn within the ERA are authorised by the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service. For more information, please view https://www.pfes.nt.gov.au/permitstoburn

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Last Updated 08 December 2021
Published 02 April 2020