Land Systems of Northern Part of NT (compiliation of 18 surveys)

VERSION 2 (current as at November 2012) The spatial dataset LAND SYSTEMS OF THE NORTHERN PART OF THE NT (1:250,000) is a compilation of 16 existing Land System surveys across the northern part (approx 30%) of the Northern Territory. Published maps were digitsed and edited to accommodate overlaps, gaps and mismatching boundaries. Where possible, these land system descriptions have been extrapolated into areas where previously covered by the broader scale (1:1,000,000) land systems. Additionally 'interim' land system designation have been assigned to areas where little or no field data is currently available. These may be validated when field information is available. This spatial dataset is also further described with Vegetation attributes based on individual survey reports. They were compiled, collated and consolidated across all survey areas to develop a consistent set of vegetation attributes across the greater survey area. Land system mapping is largely a descriptive approach to displaying and documenting information on landscapes. While the conversion of this information into a qualitative database format allows for more immediate and versatile analyses, caution must be adopted where necessary, as this has exceeded the intent of the original work. This dataset continues to be developed as part of the Northern Territory's contribution to ASRIS, the Australian Soil Resource Information System ( See note under Completeness.

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Last Updated 23 June 2021
Published 10 December 2019