Northern Territory Land Systems (compilation of north_250 and south_1M)

This spatial dataset is a compilation of the Northern Land Systems (scale 1:250 000) and the Southern Land Systems (scale 1:1 000 000). Land Systems of the Northern Part of the Northern Territory is an amalgamation of 16 existing Land System surveys with modifications to some of the original interpretations. This land system dataset is the Northern Territory contribution to ASRIS (Australian Soil Resource Information System) national soils database at scale 1:250,000. Land Systems of the Southern Part of the NT (scale 1:1,000,000) is a compilation of 3 existing Land System surveys and the Atlas of Australian Soils (scale 1:2,000,000). It covers the southern part (approx 70%) of the Northern Territory. Published maps were made digital and edited to accommodate overlaps, gaps and mismatching boundaries. Where possible, the land system descriptions have been extrapolated into areas covered by the broader scale Atlas mapping. The land resource polygons were also aggregated into a separate dataset based on the field, ORIGINAL_SURVEY. Addtional details about the original land resource surveys were added to each record, including a link to the metadata and the technical reports. The dataset is called NTLS_1M_SURVEY_SOURCE.

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Last Updated 23 June 2021
Published 10 December 2019