Remnant Vegetation Survey of Darwin to Palmerston Areas

This spatial dataset displays the surveyed mapped polygons for remnant vegetation within the Darwin to Palmerston Region and the Litchfield Shire and describes the dominant vegetation communities and floristic groups. The report was created for the Darwin and Palmerston Municipalities vegetation surveys in 1995 in association with Greening Australia. The Litchfield Shire (boundaries circa 1998) was completed in 1998 in association with Greening Australia and includes 8 additional vegetation communities not described in the original report. These additional units, Communities 47 - 54, are described in the spatial datasets. The report created for the Darwin and Palmerston Municipalities should also be consulted. These spatial datasets represent the vegetation on the ground at the time of the surveys. The named surveyed areas are not defined by current Municipal boundaries. DARWIN TO PALMERSTON REGIONS REMNANT VEGETATION (Dept Survey Code: DARPM_10) Data should not be used beyond scale 1:10,000. Mapped primarily by John Brock 1994-5; The mapping also incorporates data from other surveys: Casuarina Coastal Reserve and Rapid Creek Catchment Veg Surveys (Brocklehurst P 1994) ; and also Mangrove Communities Darwin Harbour. (Brocklehurst P, Edmeades B 1996) LITCHFIELD SHIRE REMNANT VEGETATION (Dept Survey Code: LSHIR_100) Data should not be used beyond scale 1:100,000. The Litchfield Shire was mapped at two scales. Northern areas were mapped by Steve Denney and John Brock, 1996-97 at the 1:100,000 scale. Southern areas were mapped by Diane Napier, 1998 at the 1:25,000 scale.

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Last Updated 23 June 2021
Published 10 December 2019