Vegetation Communities of the Southern Part of Flying Fox Station

This polygon spatial dataset provides information on vegetation communities over the southern part of Flying Fox Station, Northern Territory. This dataset is mapped at a nominal scale of 1:100,000 and covers an area of approximately 53,000 ha. The polygon boundaries are derived from remotely sensed imagery with pixel resolution of approximately 10 m. The boundaries were created using an automated segmentation process that groups like-pixels into polygon segments. These segments were subsequently classified into vegetation community groups. The information includes dominant strata, structural formation and floristic details, as well as a brief general description of the characteristic landscapes. The information is intended to support land management, conservation, and development planning processes at Flying Fox Station and surrounding areas. CAUTION: Although based on detailed field information, the final dataset has not been validated. Users are advised that attribute accuracy varies over the study area.

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Last Updated 28 April 2022
Published 10 December 2019