Vegetation Survey of Groote Eylandt 2018

This spatial dataset provides polygon information delineating vegetation community boundaries at a scale of approximately 1:50 000 and covers Groote Eylandt and other islands in the Groote archipelago, including Bickerton and Winchelsea. The study area covers approximately 261 025 ha, excluding 718 089 ha mapped as ocean, and is within the Groote subregion of the Arnhem Coastal Bioregion. The primary purpose of the project was to produce vegetation and habitat mapping for Groote Eylandt and other islands in the Groote archipelago, at an appropriate scale for the management of environmental assets within the Anindilyakwa Indigenous Protected Area. The dataset describes vegetation communities at four levels in accordance the NT National Vegetation Information System mapping (NRETAS, 2007), including Class, Structural Formation, Broad Structural Formation and Sub-Formation.

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Published 09 December 2021